GRID Foam Rolling- Foundations

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Self-myofascial release (SMR) has been shown to relieve muscle and joint pains and improve flexibility and range of motion. This online course aims to teach the fundamentals of foam rolling, and the TriggerPoint SMR movement philosophy using the GRID® foam roller. This course serves as a nice prelude to our live Foam Rolling: Principles & Practices professional education course.

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Learning Objectives

1. Define foam rolling and identify contraindications.

2. Learn the foundations of and terminology associated with myofascial compression. 

3. Learn TriggerPoint coaching and cueing techniques.

4. Learn foam rolling methods appropriate for specific releases along the kinetic chain.

Course Procedure

This course is designed to give you a basic understanding of how to use the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller to address key areas of the body that influence overall mobility. Please make sure you have purchased a GRID, GRID 2.0, or TriggerPoint CORE foam roller via or one of our retailers before completing this course. 

1. Download the Foam Rolling manual. Review this manual to learn the history of foam rolling as well as the benefits associated with it. 

2. Watch the release videos. Watch each release video and use the GRID foam roller to complete the release. Refer back to the manual for specific programming for each area. 

3. Complete the exam to test your knowledge of the background and programming.

4. Practice the releases that you learned in the videos so that you can properly execute the programming and teach your clients how to use the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller to prepare for movement or as a recovery tool.

5. Advance you TriggerPoint education. Enroll in other online courses or check out our live, professional education courses to learn more about TriggerPoint products and programming, practice with a Master Trainer, earn CECs, and provide additional value to your clients by keeping them mobile and injury free. 

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GRID Foam Rolling- Foundations
Online Course

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